Bootcamp for Training & Behavior Modification

Whether you have welcomed a new puppy to your family, or your long-time pet has some unwanted behaviors that are making your home unsafe, our boot camps are the perfect way to establish or correct behavior to support a higher level of happiness and satisfaction in your dog. We offer everything from learning common commands to aggressive dog training so that your pet can become a canine good citizen. Our dog training camp is available in a range of programs so that you can customize the training that your dog receives.

Your dog will work with one of our dog trainers daily on learning exercises and drills designed specifically to help him or her reach the goals you specifically set forth during your initial meeting and evaluation. Loyal Canines Bootcamps require that you board your dog at our campus location. 

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Our Programs

German Shepherd looking at trainer.

3-4 Week Obedience Program

This dynamic program is designed for those who want their dogs to be “rock stars” of the dog world. Your dog will stay with us for three to four weeks and will be trained daily by our professional dog trainers, working on all basic and advanced off-leash behaviors and commands. At its conclusion, you will be able to communicate and be successful with your dog in any environment and have 100% confidence that your dog will always come to you when called off-leash. There will be weekly meetings scheduled when you will visit our facility to meet with our trainers so that we can teach you the necessary handling skills that are pivotal in creating the proper communication system between you and your dog. You will handle your dog during a one-hour lesson each week while your dog stays with us so that we can teach you how to motivate and control all of the positive behaviors that your dog has learned.

German shepherds training

Advanced Off-Leash Obedience Control

Both the owner and dog will learn the necessary foundational obedience principles so that the owner and dog can always have an open line of communication in off-leash situations whether inside your home or outside in public. Your dog will have a great foundation of obedience in regards to impulse control, off-leash recall (‘come when called) as well as the necessary tools to manage other behaviors such as proper manners in environments with distractions whether on a leash or off.

German Shepherd looking at trainer.

2 Week Obedience Program

Obedience is key for your dog to be a functioning member of society and this is an intensive training program to ensure his or her success! Your dog stays with us for 2 weeks and is trained to achieve your desired goals both in your home and in public. We teach obedience commands including: “sit”, “down”, “stay”, “come” when called, and walking on leash in a “heel” position. This program is also the foundation training to get your dog to the point of off-leash walking. At the conclusion of two weeks, our trainers will train you how to maintain and reinforce solid obedience behaviors going forward.

Dog walking ahead of human.

3-4 Week Behavior Modification Program

This program is geared towards those dogs with the highest level of aggression, anxiety, or fear. Your dog will spend the entire day with our dog trainers at our locations under constant training and supervision with undivided attention from the trainer as they work towards solving the identified problem behaviors. Whether it is aggression towards other dogs, people, high anxiety, or fear, this program is specifically designed to help your dog overcome issues and achieve your desired results so you can manage your dog’s behavior successfully in your home and in public. We will incorporate obedience training and confidence-building exercises to help your dog reach his or her full potential! Because your dog is trained consistently by our professional trainers on a daily basis, this will result in your dog learning at an accelerated pace, much faster than he or she can in any other type of dog training program. Each day we will be working with your dog one-on-one.


Bootcamp for Specific Issues


Whether your dog has aggression toward other dogs or people or has high anxiety or fear, this program is specifically designed to modify its behavior so that it can overcome those issues and you can properly and successfully manage your dog’s obedience going forward both at home and in public. Our Behavior Modification Bootcamp is unlike any other board and train option available as it takes place where 30+ dogs, of all ages and varying temperaments, attend our popular Daycamp program. Dogs acquire extensive environmental exposure to situations that may trigger their behavior, thus allowing us to address and correct it.


Adaptive Behaviors & Special Needs

Adaptive Behaviors & Special Needs training services are accessible to all breeds including “problem” dogs. Adaptive Behaviors are characterized by options that help to change a dog’s unconstructive or disruptive behavior to something more constructive and satisfying. Household changes whether permanent or temporary, affect your dog’s psyche and alter behaviors creating Special Needs attention. A corrective program helps reduce or reverse the situation to normal.

Canine Camp Training & Puppy Classes 

Canine Camp is a unique option that combines dog daycare and obedience training to provide dogs with both free play and structured learning opportunities throughout the day. Dogs spend time in the dog daycare socializing with other dogs under staff supervision. Additionally, our staff trainers take the dogs out for one-on-one structured learning sessions based on our clients’ specific training goals and objectives, from building a solid foundation of basic obedience to increased dog socialization, to complete off-leash walking control.


Commands are taught with a high level of precision and timing and proofed by training dogs around a high level of distractions, from 30+ other dogs, to traffic, to crowds. You will appreciate that your dog’s training program is individualized to ensure success in your family’s home and in public, and we will routinely communicate with you to customize and build upon your dog’s foundational obedience. Your dog will always be excited to come to “school” because he or she will get plenty of playtime in between dog training lessons to socialize with other dogs. Canine Camp is also a very successful program for young puppies and can be a perfect substitute for owners who are on the go and cannot otherwise attend puppy classes but still desire a well-behaved little one. We can even help with things like crate training!