Dog Training


Each Dog is an Individual 

We understand each dog is an individual and learns at a different pace. A rigorous schedule of daily interaction facilitates your dog’s motivation and learning process. When combined with our professional dog trainers’ ability to instill the principles of dog obedience through precision timing and consistency each day, your desired learning objectives are imparted to your dog at an accelerated rate.


Each dog begins by learning (either from “scratch” or as a thorough review) foundational behavior principles. Then, through repetitions in different high-distraction environments, your dog builds the ability to generalize dog training concepts. The result is that your dog is obedient, attentive to you, and well-behaved during any activity, in any environment—at home or in public.


Pre-Training Evaluations 

Our training is custom-tailored to your specific needs. The result is that you gain the ability to maintain control of your dog in your everyday environment under the most distracting circumstances. Of course, the longer period of time that your dog participates in our program, learning from a professional dog trainer, the more time positive behaviors are reinforced in high-distraction situations, the more solidified his or her obedience will be. And the stronger the dog training foundation, the easier it is for you to maintain the desired performance in the long run.


Temperament tests are given to assess each individual dog’s behavioral state. We evaluate factors such as sociability, environmental reactivity, and aggressive tendencies to determine where the dog fits within our program (i.e., which social group it may most appropriately be placed in) and whether there is a potential safety risk to either the dog, other dogs, or the staff. These evaluations offer us an opportunity to assess and address the additional training needs your dog may require prior to interacting freely with a larger social group. And you are given the chance to see that we take the utmost care to ensure the safety and social enrichment of all our dogs. Temperament tests are offered Monday through Friday at our facility in Peabody, MA. We serve clients across the North Shore of Massachusetts, including Beverly, Peabody, Marblehead, Swampscott, Lynn, and Danvers, MA. We charge a $30.00 evaluation fee. A $500 deposit is required to reserve a spot for Boot Camp training as this is a limited enrollment training program. 

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Private Training Services 

Private One-on-One Lessons are offered at Loyal Canines Academy for dog owners who desire a highly interactive, customized approach to dog training for establishing a foundation of obedience with their dogs. You will meet with one of our trainers at our campus for each lesson to learn how to motivate and control your dog’s behaviors in a structured environment, adding increasing distractions with each lesson.


Whether your challenges are begging, chewing, excessive barking, separation anxiety, aggression, resource guarding, puppy crate training, housebreaking, destructive behavior, or you just desire improved manners, our dog trainers work with you to develop a customized plan specific to your dog’s age, breed and behavioral issues. We’ll personally coach you on how to be your dog’s pack leader and a better dog handler, and establish an open line of communication with your dog for improved behavior both at home and in public so your dog can become a canine good citizen.