German shepherds training

Doggie daycare and training requirements

The health and safety of all of our dogs and handlers is of the utmost importance at Loyal Canines. Every dog is evaluated throughout the first day of our daycare or training programs. 

AGE: All dogs (including puppies must be a minimum of 12 weeks or older) with current shots.

SEX: All dogs must be spayed or neutered if over 1 yr old.

SHOTS: All dogs must be up-to-date on the following vaccinations:

  • Rabies

  • Distemper

  • DHLPPC (annual booster)

  • Bordetella (Kennel Cough) (must be boostered each year)

  • Must have had a clear fecal exam within the last 6 months. Owners must submit or provide written proof by veterinarian of these current vaccinations by either email, fax, or by bringing it to the evaluation.

  • Flea & tick control or heartworm prevention

BEHAVIOR: Dogs will be evaluated and introduced slowly into our doggie daycare and supervised carefully. All pets must be non-aggressive. Dogs with aggressive behavior, non-social or disruptive behaviors will not be accepted in doggie daycare. (Refer to our Training Programs for controlling any disruptive or aggressive behaviors)

APPLICATION: All dogs must complete an application (which can be downloaded online) before being accepted into daycare or training.

FEES: Due and payable in advance daily or weekly.


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